Frou Frouu

I just found one of my new favorite bloggers, her name is Nadia. I stumbled across her blog today and instantly fell in love! The photography and oversized pictures are amazing. Nadia has a French chic feel about her and has been featured in Vogue.de,  Elle UK, and Glamour.com. I just don't understand how I am just finding out about her! 

Pictures courtesy of FrouFrouu
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I gave up nail art after high school, but the new wave of minx and stiletto nails are far cry from what I would wear back in the day. WAH Nails are known for their funky designs and bold colors. Lately, the London based nail salon's pictures have been popping up all over the net. Check out some of their looks and be sure to check out their blog!

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Cobalt Jewel

This past weekend was Gay Pride so the girls and I attended Gutter Magazine's Glitterball Sunday night. It was a great crowd and we looked amazing! I made this dress myself and I absolutely adore the color, my friend Devin called me a cobalt jewel *giggles*.
 Aside from that I am having the hardest time repairing my computer Uughhh! I was trying not to take it back to Geek Squad because I swear they are breaking it on purpose <<< side eye >>> but I may break down and head over to best buy. Unfortunately because my laptop crashed I am unable to access my Photoshop and Dreamweaver which sucks because I really want to create a new blog layout *sigh* oh well.
Enjoy the pics!


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A little color and texture....

Lydia Hearst for Vixen Magazine
July 2010
Photography by Elias Wessel


A day at the beach.....

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So my friend Gina has been going crazy over the Christian Louboutin Clou Noeud peep toe every since Chad Ocho Cinco twit pic them a month ago. They have already been spotted on Monica, Heidi Klum, Dawn of Dirty Money and Rihanna. I've searched everywhere on the web for them but no luck. The peep toes are apart of Louboutin's Fall 2010 collection, and I'm assuming can only be purchased by calling. 

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