Curly Diaries:: What I'm Currently Using:: July Edition

A few people on Instagram have been asking me what my go to products are, that's a hard question because they change frequently. I'll keep a monthly update of my go to products, this month my favs are:

1. Jane Carter's Curl Defining Cream- I really wanted to hate this product for two reasons the price and the consistency. I'd heard great things about CDC but according to Jane Carter's website it's $18 for a 6oz jar (chile please) but randomly in Target and found it for $3.74! I grabbed about 4 jars....don't judge! 
Another drawback was that it is a cream consistency, now my hair love gel consistencies because they provide a better hold. Well I decided to give the product a try and I fell in LOVE! It does exactly what it says it will do, lengthen and defines curls. Beware CDC does not play well with others, skip the leave in conditioners or other styling products. 

How I use it:: I wash and condition then apply CDC while hair is soaking wet, lastly I put my hair in 4-5 plaits with a small rod on the ends.

2. Trader Joe's Nourishing Spa Shampoo and Conditioner- This is a staple product for me I rarely switch shampoo and conditioners. Nourishing Spa is inexpensive and doesn't strip my hair. 

3. Wheat Germ Oil- Yes it smells like death however this heavy oil coats my strands and protects them from daily wear and tear. WGO is a ceramide so it lays the cuticle flat as well as helps prevent the loss of protein. 

How I use it:: After conditioning I add a little to my hair section by section. WGO does not cause buildup when paired with Jane Carter's Curl Defining Cream.

4. Vatika Oil- This is a true multitasking product, it provides UV protection, promotes growth, prevents shedding and dandruff. I'll be honest it isnt the best smelling product but the benefits outweigh the scent.

How I use it:: Apply to dry hair before bed then co wash in the morning or next wash day.

5. Biotin- I take a daily dose of this supplement to promote hair growth especially now that I want to grow out my heat damage. Be sure to consult your primary physician before taking Biotin blah blah blah :)

How I use it:: Orally take 1 pill per day.

NYX lip liner in Fuchsia 

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  1. that color is flaw-free on you! It looks very matte; is that the texture or is the camera giving some illusions, lol? And is that the actual color pay off? Do you have other nyx lip colors?



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