MAC's Surf Baby Collection

Last week MAC launched their Surf Baby collection, while I wasn't really sure about this collection I did pick up a few item just to add to my stash.
 The biggest item of the collection has to be the My Paradise cheek powder, it's sold out everywhere! I can. not. wait. to wear this peach blush, I didn't want to use it before I got a picture though.

 Lately I've been using face and body because it's way to hot here for a full face of makeup. The Surf Baby bronzing stick is a perfect way for me to add that glow on the glo without having to use a lot of product.

I grabbed the Summer Stash crushed metallic pigments just because...no real reason for buying them they were pretty Lol...I did use them for a prom though!

 Something sketchy was going on with the gold pigment....

 Surf U.S.A. and Swell Baby shadows to add to the collection. I'm not sure how im going to wear the Swell Baby, a soft grey, but I cant wait to wear Surf U.S.A.

And last but not least, Good Lovin' lip glass. I'm not a big lipglass person, I stick to my usuals however this is great for a light makeup day.


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