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I'm still laying on the beach taking in some rays!!!! Will be back to blogging soon!!!
I've been getting a lot of emails after my hair feature so I'll be sure to answer those!!!

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Feature: Hairgurl.com

I was super excited about my healthy hair feature on Hairgurl.com. When fellow blogger K.D. approached me about the interview I was a bit nervous. I didn't know how to narrow down the products and techniques I love! She was a sweetheart and allowed me  to take my sweet ol' time Lol.
Please be sure to check out the interview and subscribe!


Cassie Slayyyyed Blank Magazine

This shoot is drool worthy because its vibrant, funky, and Cassie served! I fell even more in love when I saw the behind the scenes footage, wow! Cassie is stunning and modeling is naturally her "thing". They really played up her hair here and made forget how much I hate it!!
Photography by Gomillion & Leupold
Styled by capricornsredshoediaries.tumblr.com
***Still on a manhunt for the MUA***

Street Style: Paris Fashion Week



My life a ball of randomness lol





People love to look through the pictures in my phone. There are well over 1000 pictures that I collect for inspiration or simply take and never post them to the net. Above are some randoms I thought were interesting.

Of course I had to include a pic of Beyonce's 4 album. Whew I swear that woman wrote that album from MY soul!!!! So much raw emotion! I couldn't help but to listen when the album was leaked 3 weeks prior to it's release date, but I played it non stop (and still do) and actually picked up a copy.
While my favorite song hands down is "I Was Here", I play this album straight through!


The Power of Honey

Well I've decided that I would wear my hair straight this month. My goal is to give it a break from the daily wear and tear of shingling. I went back to an old staple, honey pre poo's, I was a little skeptical because I didn't want my hair to retain too much moisture and cause frizz. Honey is a humectant, meaning it draws moisture from the air to your hair. One of the ingredients for healthy hair and easy flat ironing is....Moisture! When your hair has a great balance of protein and moisture you don't have to pass the flat iron over your hair multiple times which can lead to damage.
It's been 3 days and I've been in some very hot places and my hair has yet to revert! I simply applied honey to towel dried hair, let it sit for 40 minutes, rinsed then continued my regular wash regimen. Have fun add oils to it like Coconut oil (hair growth) or Jojoba oil (shine & damage repair). It doesn't weigh your hair down which makes it ideal for most hair types!
Grab a bottle and give it a try!!!!


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