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Happy Birthday Scott!

Back To Old Faithful

My skin is going through a horrible purging stage right now. I began drinking a skin detoxing tea about 2 or 3 weeks ago. After 4 days my skin was glowing, not a blemish in sight! A week ago everything went south, I have terrible breakouts :-(
No worries though I know it will get better with time so I continue to drink the tea at least twice per day.
Don't you hate when you drop a beauty product you've fallen on love with for something else you've fallen madly in love with?!! I revisited two of my old faithful loves, Dr. Bronner peppermint soap and organic coconut oil.
Dr. Bronner makes the largest organ on my body feel super clean but not stripped, that's really important in this summer heat. Coconut oil is hands down the best moisturizer for my body. I love the sheen it leaves without feeling or looking greasy. I apply it while I'm still in the shower by just warming it up in my hands to melt it a little.
So what are some of your favorite shower products?

(Coconut oil melted)

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June Has Moved To Facebook!!!

June uploaded a Twitvid letting all of her loyal followers know that she's taking her talents to Facebook. Anyone who follows the energetic fashion stylist knows her Twitter page is the best place to find up to the minute news about her. Whether you need a pick me up on"Maverick Mondays" or workout tips on "Work Out Whatever Wednesdays" June will continue to deliver!
The facebook move simply means more drool worthy pictures and updates!


Glowing Skin

Everyone who knows me understands my obsession with glowing skin, some days I'm as bronzed as a penny! My bronzer collection is continusly growing, from natural powders to shimmer sticks, they all serve their purpose on any given day.
Whether its my beloved Taj Maha or Gold Deposit, I HAVE to wear a bronzer daily to add warmth to my skin.
Lately I've been wearing MAC's newest MSF in Sun Power because it doesnt have any gold reflects and gives a more natural look. Over it I'll add a bronzer that has the gold in it for a little shimmer.
I didn't add every bronzer I love to the list because I usually LOVE every bronzer when I first buy it and this list would be way too long Lol!
A great way to glow from within is adding supplements such as Evening Primrose and Flax Seed Oil to your diet (Talk to your Doctor first of course!).
If you wear a light foundation like Makeup Forever's Face & Body try adding their Uplight Luminizer Gel to the high planes of the cheeks. Also, Exfoliate Exfoliate Exfoliate! Don't let dull dry skin stop you from glowing. My favorite body scrub is simply made up of Organic honey, Brown Sugar, Olive Oil, and Lemon Juice...Simple but effective!!! 

Products that will help you acheive glowing skin

Left to right: Mac Bronzing Powder $26, Nars Laguna $33, NYX Bronzing stick $10, Bobbi Brown Bronzing Gel $28

Iman Sheer Finishing Blush $15, Nars Taj Mahal & Albatross blush $27, Mac Peachtwist $19.50

Monoi oil $6, So Bronzed $20, Makeup Artist Choice Bronzing Cream $22

Scott Barnes Body Bling $40, Milani Body Bronzer $10, MAC Gold Deposit $28,
Maui Babe Browning Oil $15



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