Back To Old Faithful

My skin is going through a horrible purging stage right now. I began drinking a skin detoxing tea about 2 or 3 weeks ago. After 4 days my skin was glowing, not a blemish in sight! A week ago everything went south, I have terrible breakouts :-(
No worries though I know it will get better with time so I continue to drink the tea at least twice per day.
Don't you hate when you drop a beauty product you've fallen on love with for something else you've fallen madly in love with?!! I revisited two of my old faithful loves, Dr. Bronner peppermint soap and organic coconut oil.
Dr. Bronner makes the largest organ on my body feel super clean but not stripped, that's really important in this summer heat. Coconut oil is hands down the best moisturizer for my body. I love the sheen it leaves without feeling or looking greasy. I apply it while I'm still in the shower by just warming it up in my hands to melt it a little.
So what are some of your favorite shower products?

(Coconut oil melted)

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