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It has been an uphill battle with my hair. This past winter wrecked havoc causing my dry brittle strands to snap off and I retained little to no length. I usually have this hair care thing under control but much like other things in my life, it switched up on me. While I have found some products that have helped I'm still on the hunt for that one inexpensive product that will swoop in and save the day.
I'm a die hard protein user, always have been. I love how it whips my hair back into shape especially after using heat. Maryland cold weather doesn't play well with protein so I added moisture into my regimen.
Fast forward to hot dry summer days, I think I've found some promising products including Wen Conditioning Cleanser.
I was introduced to Wen back in 2008 and remember thinking there was no way I was giving up shampoo. Traditional hair washing was working just fine for me and if it wasn't broken why even bother. I finally tried Wen and my new growth melted! My hair was super soft until the next wash. The only other product that offers that kind of softness is Joico's Moisture Recovery Treatment Balm. Now I must admit, I've yet to experience the results I'd gotten the first time I used Wen, but I continue to chase the high I got the very first time by splurging on different Wen flavors.
Yesterday I cut, colored, deep conditioned, and my hair. I've also introduced glycerin based products into my regimen which have been keeping my hair moisturized and acts as a humectant so it pulls moisture from the air. The only downside to this is the added moisture from the air has no respect for curl definition no matter how many curl defining products I may use with it. Oh well, I'm willing to make sacrifices for the sake of retention.
In the future I'll have to resort back to my early natural days and find new products that work for me through trial and error. For the sake of my pockets I pray I find my holy grail products soon.

It's 5:35a I'm going to attempt to get some rest, signing off Nakira Bradshaw (Lol)


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