Bye Bye Curl Definition

Big messy braidout

Normally I'm a salve to curl definition. Gels, Denman brushes, Tangle Teezers I've done and used just about everything for that perfect curl. 
A few nights ago I didn't have any full bottle of styling products so I had to go into my stash of samples I'd acquired from different natural hair events. I asked my Instagram followers if they had ever used any of the products and I received some great feed back. One if my followers and friend in my head suggested I try a water and conditioner mixture. I was a little leery about the results so I added a little Design Essential's Daily Moisturizing Lotion, sectioned my hair into four sections, and plaited each section. 
Fast forward to the next day my hair was big and soft!!! 
I loved the amount of definition, it looked effortless. 
Within a couple of hours my hair was HUGE!!! It just kept getting better and better. That's when I decided I was over flat limp curls and would rock a mega fro for a while. 


Eve Pearl's Concealer Trio B Review

Eve Pearl Concealer Trio B and MAC Prolong Foundation applied with Beauty Blender
Concealer is set with Ben Nye's Banana Powder Foundation set with MAC MSF

If you follow me on Instagram you've seen the Eve Pearl Trio B concealer I snagged during her 40-60% sale. I've heard so many great things about this concealer and it's used by many industry professionals.

The claim

This luxurious,lightweight cream provides the most versatile sheer - medium - full coverage with a non-greasy texture that glides on the under eyes area or face, while allowing your skin to breathe. It blends into the skin and the universal spectrum of color in the pigments adapt to the skin tone and the changes caused by body chemistry, weather and sun exposure. Ideal for use when flawless precision is required with High Definition Cameras, Lights and REAL LIFE…for all ages.
CosmeNutrients®: Innovative Technology combining Vitamins, Minerals, Proteins, Peptides and Antioxidants into Multi-Functional Cosmetic Formulations.
Astaxanthin/AstaReal® ingredient benefits:
·       A powerful antioxidant 500 times stronger than Vitamin E
·       Packed with Omega-3
·       Hydrates,protects & rejuvenates your skin’s natural texture and elasticity
·         Anti-inflammatory properties to soothe, treat and protect against sun damage

Price: $52.00 

  • Creamy texture
  • Buildable coverage 
  • Pigmented

  • Too pricey 

My Thoughts

I could not wait to try this concealer after hearing so many great things about it. Eve Pearl is known for her salmon concealers that are good for correcting skin discolorations especially dark under eye circles. I ordered Trio "B" because I prefer my concealer to be a shade lighter than my actual skin tone so it doubles as a highlighter. 
The consistency is very creamy and it has great pigment. It blends really easy with a brush or a sponge. This concealer works like a charm for concealing dark circles, I instantly fell in love!!! The colors are perfectly neutral  not to warm or cool. 

The only drawback of this product for me is the cost. That's the reason it took me so long to purchase it. My only regret now is that I didn't purchase more products during the sale but I definitely will next time!


Product Review:: OCC "NSFW" Lip Tar

A couple of months back one of my Instagram luvs put me on to a daily deal from Lucky Magazine. They were offering 60% off of a Lip Tar kit which included four colors and a lip brush for $29.50!
It took me a while to get around to playing with the colors but when I finally did I fell head over heels for NSFW. 
I use to struggle finding the perfect red lip that flatters my complexion, until I met MAC's Ruby Woo and  we've been inseparable since. I hate orange based red lipsticks and I usually prefer a matte lip. 
NSFW is a blue based red pigmented gloss. If your familiar with OCC's  lip tars you know the moisturized feel they give your lips due to the Vitamin E and Hemp seed oil in them. They are very long wearing and play well with each other and other formulas so you mixologist can create many different looks.
I've worn NSFW with my beloved Ruby woo as well with a bold red lip liner (pictured below)

Earlier this week OCC announced lip tars will be available in Sephora stores nationwide Fall 2012.

Girls Night Out 


The Natural Hair Meetup:: Repost

I made the silly mistake of leaving Blogger for Wordpress. The grass wasn't greener on that side of the tracks at all so I'm back and will be moving a couple of post from that platform to blogger.

While running around the Makeup Show NYC on Mother's Day I was stopped by a woman asking to take a picture of my hair. She told me that she was having a natural hair meetup but it was in Baltimore, perfect!  Her name is Tara and she owns a natural hair salon in Baltimore, Md called the Tara's House of Style.

Fast forward to Sunday 7/1 THS's natural hair meetup was in full swing. Maryland had been hit with a horrible storm Friday prior to the storm which left over 200,000 people without power during a heatwave! That didn't stop this event, so many beautiful people came out to Morgan State University for one thing in common, Natural Hair. 
I attended the show alone so I definitely had awkward girl syndrome walking in but within minutes I spotted a couple of familiar faces. Guested were greeted with over sized bags filled with all kinds of hair goodies. Inside there was light food, jewelry vendors, and an amazing DJ.
Now I had an agenda when I got there. Tara was giving away two Huetiful hair steamers, one was for the first person at the event (I failed) and the other as a raffle prize. I needed that steamer so I did what any other logical person would do, called my sister and my man friend and told them to get there quick! Unfortunately I still didn't win a steamer but its all good because I had an AMAZING time!
             Youtube vlogger Karen  looked beautiful and she has the most flawless skin ever! 

I finally met my social network friend Danielle creator of Danielle Lewis Cosmetics. Her personality is amazing! Click the picture to check out her site!!

The table full of giveaways included products from Huetiful, Curls, Hair Rules, and more!

Braid out using Just For Me Curl Smoother and Vatika Oil

For more pictures check out 

Curly Diaries:: What I'm Currently Using:: July Edition

A few people on Instagram have been asking me what my go to products are, that's a hard question because they change frequently. I'll keep a monthly update of my go to products, this month my favs are:

1. Jane Carter's Curl Defining Cream- I really wanted to hate this product for two reasons the price and the consistency. I'd heard great things about CDC but according to Jane Carter's website it's $18 for a 6oz jar (chile please) but randomly in Target and found it for $3.74! I grabbed about 4 jars....don't judge! 
Another drawback was that it is a cream consistency, now my hair love gel consistencies because they provide a better hold. Well I decided to give the product a try and I fell in LOVE! It does exactly what it says it will do, lengthen and defines curls. Beware CDC does not play well with others, skip the leave in conditioners or other styling products. 

How I use it:: I wash and condition then apply CDC while hair is soaking wet, lastly I put my hair in 4-5 plaits with a small rod on the ends.

2. Trader Joe's Nourishing Spa Shampoo and Conditioner- This is a staple product for me I rarely switch shampoo and conditioners. Nourishing Spa is inexpensive and doesn't strip my hair. 

3. Wheat Germ Oil- Yes it smells like death however this heavy oil coats my strands and protects them from daily wear and tear. WGO is a ceramide so it lays the cuticle flat as well as helps prevent the loss of protein. 

How I use it:: After conditioning I add a little to my hair section by section. WGO does not cause buildup when paired with Jane Carter's Curl Defining Cream.

4. Vatika Oil- This is a true multitasking product, it provides UV protection, promotes growth, prevents shedding and dandruff. I'll be honest it isnt the best smelling product but the benefits outweigh the scent.

How I use it:: Apply to dry hair before bed then co wash in the morning or next wash day.

5. Biotin- I take a daily dose of this supplement to promote hair growth especially now that I want to grow out my heat damage. Be sure to consult your primary physician before taking Biotin blah blah blah :)

How I use it:: Orally take 1 pill per day.

NYX lip liner in Fuchsia 


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