5 Youtubers You Should Know!

 I spend a lot of my time on Youtube mainly watching makeup tutorials. Here are just a few of the people I enjoy watching ;-)

1. Goss The Makeup Artist
I love Goss because he's , just a great makeup artist. He doesnt give the same generic tips he shows you what works for a variety of people. Goss also gives good product reviews and recommendation and has the cutest accent.

2. SalonCabelo
Rachel, owner of Salon Cabelo, provides healthy haircare tips that are sutible whether you hair natural, relaxed, or in between. 

3. ChicTv
Chic Tv allows to stay up to minute with fashion and beauty news!

                                                                           4. Destiny Godley
                                                   I've watched the progression of Destiny's YouTube career.                    
                                                   She gives great recommendations especially for women of color.

                                                      5. Makeup by Leina Baby
                                              Leina is a super cute makeup artist based in LA who not only              
                                           shares her favorite beauty finds but also fashion gems.



What's one of the biggest nights in fashion that takes place worldwide? You guessed it, Fashion's Night Out! I can't believe it's only two weeks away. I've been stalking the Fashion Night Out site these past weeks planning my trip. 
If you're not familiar with FNO, it is one night where stores all over the world celebrate style. This year the festivities will take place on Thursday, September 8th.

 I'll be doing a special giveaway to the first reader I meet in NYC!

Macy's Herald Square throws the biggest party and it's no different this year, guest include Coco Rocha, Rachel Roy, Kelly Rowland, Bobbi Brown, and Diddy
Over on the left coast, LL Cool J will be hosting a party Westfield Century Center in Los Angeles.

Iphone and Android users can have their itenary at their finger tips with the FNO app.

Now, whats a girl to wear........

Check out Glee's FNO promo video below!


Style Throwback: Aaliyah

 10 years ago R&B superstar Aaliyah passed in a plane crash along with her crew. Mainly known for her boyish style choices she always added a  feminine twist whether it was a bikini top with baggy jeans or her signature swoop covering one eye. Later in her career she ditched the baggy jeans for sexier dresses like the animal print Roberto Cavalli number she wore to the MTV Awards.
 If she was alive today I'd bet she would still be performing, living in NY, with paparazzi following her every move. To celebrate her life here are a few of my favorite looks.

My favorite Aaliyah video


Beauty News: Sam Fine For Fashion Fair

Recently Fashion Fair cosmetics broke the news that their new creative director is none other than makeup artist to the stars, Sam Fine! The beauty world went crazy, but what exactly does this mean? As a makeup artist I've studied Sam's work and like most can identify it at first glance. I took a class taught by Sam while in makeup school. In person he has this strong presence about him that star quality. His daily makeup q&a tweets proves that he is a patient teacher and willing to help the next generation of makeup artist succeed.

My memories of Fashion Fair cosmetics go back a little ways. I think just about every woman in my family has worn it, including myself one year for prom lol. My Grandmother would only bring out her compact for special occasions. The most distinct memory that I have of fashion fair foundation, I'm sure I share with others, is that it made women look so red! Not sure if it was poor application or just the way it oxidized on the skin, that's all I can remember growing up. I took a trip to the Fashion Fair counter in Macy's a few months ago to replace her 11 year old compact in Pecan (<<<Yes you read it correctly). There wasn't a single sole working the counter, in fact I believe I had to get someone from another counter to assist me. I wasn't interested in looking at their other products although, I knew they had a souffle foundation I'd wanted to try. I got what I needed and was out. 

Last night I decided to take an e-stroll over to FashionFair.com, I must admit I was a bit surprised. There were multiple products I would give a try, for example, their Fast Finish Stick Foundation is smudge proof and would be a dream to contour with. 
Aside from the makeup I took a look at the press section to find that Fashion Fair has been featured in several publications this month including, WWD and Essence. 

While we may have to wait until Spring 2012 for Sam's trend collections,  I'm very excited to see the outcome of this collaboration. When asked about his new position Sam said 

“There’s no place I’d rather foster my creative energies,” said Fine.  “Fashion Fair was a barrier breaking cosmetic line since its inception 38 years ago and remains a leader in prestige cosmetics 
for women of color."

Congrats Sam!


Editorial Rewind

I never get tired of looking at this Essence spread! They really hit the nail on the head by including some of my favorite ladies in their September issue!!! But Claire of the Fashion Bomb takes the cake, I didn't even recognize her! She is absolutely glowing, so proud of her!

Check out more pics at The Fashion Bomb Daily
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//Open Ceromony's Block Party//

If their was a toss up between LA and NY on who has the most fun, hands down NY would win! That city is jam packed with action! Now I say this as I prepare to move to LA but they have their own fun too. I adore both cities and yearn for the days I'll be living bi-coastal.

Last Thursday Open Ceremony hosted an invitation only block party. The downtown scene was intense as guest included Solange Knowles, who was also working the turntables, Carol Lim, Theophilus London, and a whole slew of fashion's elite!

 Solange Knowles

 Solo & Theophilus

Stephanie LaCava & Shala Monroque


At A Glance: My Weekend

My weekends are almost a blur. Its the busiest time at work so trying to squeeze anything in outside of work is almost impossible.
I really wanted to check out Planet of the Apes and The Help but that was unsuccessful, maybe I can make it this week. I did get my hands on a few new products I have to review. 
A few of my weekend highlights include:

Playing around with my friend Tanisha....


Playing around with my sister...

Sam Fine's DVD came in the mail! I'll review it in soon....

Got some RT love on twitter from @Covergirl. The pic has over 3000 views!

How was your weekend?


Style Files: President Barack Obama

How dope is President Obama? 
Although  First Lady Michelle Obama told Us Magazine in 2009 that "He doesn't understand fashion" he sure has his own style going. Yes he's in a suit 90% of the time however its the way he wears his suit, his je ne se qua.
In celebration of President Obama's 50th Birthday lets reflect over a few of his style moments.


Get to know: VH1's Single Ladies Stylist Anthony Williams

Welp I'm back from vacation!!! I'm going through this ugly post sun burn stage and my skin is kinda gray and peeling ;-(

In other news I want to share a great interview I came across today. It's from Claire over at The Fashion Bomb Daily. She recently interviewed Anthony Williams, wardrobe stylist on the set of VH1's Single Ladies. Now I've yet to watch an entire episode of Single Ladies but the bits and pieces I've caught I did take heed to the ladies wardrobe especially Val played by Stacey Dash. Needless to say I was excited when I found out who the mastermind behind her wardrobe was.
 Many are familiar with Williams from Project Runway but he says his due to the shows budget his creativity has been really put to the test.


While Anthony’s day job is full of glitz of glamour, he didn’t grow up amongst lots of wealth or gorgeous things. He said, “If there was any ghetto, I lived there. Where I grew up, it seemed there wasn’t a lot of beauty so I had to create it and that’s how I got my start.”

After eventually attending the University of Alabama, his love for beauty and fashion landed him at Neiman Marcus, where he worked the sales floor. He said, “I started at the bottom in accessories, then I moved to handbags, and then to the dress collections.” A well meaning friend felt Anthony had a gift, so submitted his information to the producers of Project Runway. He explains, “She gave me the application. I filled it out, sent it in, and went through the process

In addition to his hilarious one liners, Williams charmed America–and the producers of Single Ladies–with his final collection, which overflowed with sequined pants, delectable cocktails with origami folds, and paillette peppered mini dresses.

He ultimately brought his singular flair to Val, one of the main protagonists on Single Ladies. Williams explains, “To create Stacey Dash’s look, I had to really zero in on what the directors and the producers were trying to do. I read the script to find out what exactly was needed. We didn’t have a huge budget, so we went for a lot of vintage and revamping.”

So how does one recreate Val’s signature style? He says, “The fit is what makes most of her looks. I don’t care what stylist you’re dealing with. You have to have the baddest seamstress in the land to make it make sense.” For Val’s super popular colorblocked look, he paired a $259 Jil Sander top from Jeffrey’s with a skirt he fashioned out of Carolina Herrera fabric. Stacey added her own pop with blue Christian Louboutin peep toe pumps

Though her look is pricey, he says, “It’s really just a t-shirt in a stretch knit in a bright color, a pencil skirt, and a molded belt at the waist. Because of the color, the quality of the fabric, and the fit, it looks amazing. But fit is the most important. High waisted works a lot better than low rise. Especially if you want to have the illusion of a small waist.”
So what else does one need to achieve a ‘Val’ essence? He says, “The fit makes the fashion. We make sure Val is fitted with the proper undergarments–Tumi underwear and the proper bras–so that there are no visible lines. The worst thing is to have a beautiful garment destroyed by a bra strap or visible panty line! Next, I fit her in lots of pencil skirts because they work for her. It’s also important to know what works for your skin tone. Bright, beautiful colors are really in.”
” Lastly, you don’t need a pair of Christian Louboutins to look fierce! Stay in your lane and merge when necessary. If you can’t afford Christian Louboutins: don’t buy them. There’s nothing worse than having Christian Louboutins and a cheap outfit. Don’t buy a knockoff. Just walk away. There have been legends in fashion who looked spectacular long before Louboutins were created.” Preach, now!

Check out more pictures at The Fashion Bomb Daily.
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