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Recently Fashion Fair cosmetics broke the news that their new creative director is none other than makeup artist to the stars, Sam Fine! The beauty world went crazy, but what exactly does this mean? As a makeup artist I've studied Sam's work and like most can identify it at first glance. I took a class taught by Sam while in makeup school. In person he has this strong presence about him that star quality. His daily makeup q&a tweets proves that he is a patient teacher and willing to help the next generation of makeup artist succeed.

My memories of Fashion Fair cosmetics go back a little ways. I think just about every woman in my family has worn it, including myself one year for prom lol. My Grandmother would only bring out her compact for special occasions. The most distinct memory that I have of fashion fair foundation, I'm sure I share with others, is that it made women look so red! Not sure if it was poor application or just the way it oxidized on the skin, that's all I can remember growing up. I took a trip to the Fashion Fair counter in Macy's a few months ago to replace her 11 year old compact in Pecan (<<<Yes you read it correctly). There wasn't a single sole working the counter, in fact I believe I had to get someone from another counter to assist me. I wasn't interested in looking at their other products although, I knew they had a souffle foundation I'd wanted to try. I got what I needed and was out. 

Last night I decided to take an e-stroll over to FashionFair.com, I must admit I was a bit surprised. There were multiple products I would give a try, for example, their Fast Finish Stick Foundation is smudge proof and would be a dream to contour with. 
Aside from the makeup I took a look at the press section to find that Fashion Fair has been featured in several publications this month including, WWD and Essence. 

While we may have to wait until Spring 2012 for Sam's trend collections,  I'm very excited to see the outcome of this collaboration. When asked about his new position Sam said 

“There’s no place I’d rather foster my creative energies,” said Fine.  “Fashion Fair was a barrier breaking cosmetic line since its inception 38 years ago and remains a leader in prestige cosmetics 
for women of color."

Congrats Sam!

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