Face Chronicles: Take 5

Products Used 
All MAC unless noted 
Face: Refined Skin Zone, Oil Control Moisturizer, Prolong Concealer, Studio Finish Corrector, Ben Nye's Banana and Topez. Covergirl Queen bronzer, Cinema Secret #11 Palette 
Eye: Groundwork, Iman Brow Pencil, Zoom Lash, Girl Boy, Smolder eyeliner, Soft Matte Brown, Saddle, Blunt, Reflects Gold Pigment, individual lashes outter corner
Lip: Nightmoth, Punk Couture lipstick

Love <3
I adore dark bold lips! My teeth look super white!! I decided to wear my brows a little darker than I've been wearing lately. The overall look came together nicely, my goal was to tone down my highlight and brows and I think it was a success. 

Ehhh Not So Much
I really love this look definitely  one of my favs but if I had to pick one thing out it would be my sculpted brow. In person my brows didn't look sculpted at all however pictured tell a different story. I'm really trying to move away from that look. 

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