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I'm always amazed by the amount of work wardrobe stylist put into dressing girl groups. Its is difficult enough to dress one starlet imagine four different personalities. Girl groups these days are no longer wearing sparkly costumes (*cough* Tina Knowle's creations...lol) they are putting a new twist on everyday clothes. .these girls hit the red carpet in the hottest high street threads from places like Top Shop and Asos. English girl group The Saturdays style was so in demand that they launched their own line. This is a day in age where high end designers are launching lower end lines, fashion stylist are celebrities and they are not limited to thousand dollar pieces.  Oh what a dream it would be if Electrik Red launched a line for Target showcasing their bad ass girlie style.

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  1. Electrik Red always has the best shoes!

  2. Hey His Hers Im so glad you are following!! Lovvve your blog!!!



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