5 Easy Steps To A Clean Face

5 Easy Steps to a clean makeup Look

1. FOCUS- Choose one feature to focus on, whether its flawless skin, a bold lip, or sultry smokey eyes, choose one feature to really focus on to prevent the face from looking cluttered. This does NOT mean you have to neglect other areas of your face.

2. GROOM your brows! Whether you have a full or sparse brow you can benefit from cleaning up you brow . Quick Tip: Brush your brows straight up to get a clear view of your shape  then shape them.

3. HIGHLIGHT AND CONTOUR- Remember foundation is one flat color unlike our natural skin. Ever wonder why you look so flat once you apply foundation? You  have to add dimension and enhance the planes of your face again.

                4. TONE down your concealer! The super bright highlight under your brow bone or eye is so passe. Instead  stick with a shade  1 or 2 shade lighter than your skin tone.

                          5. BLEND BLEND BLEND- No matter what area of the face your apply makeup to make sure it's well blended. Quick Tip: Snap a picture with your cell phone (flash on) to see what area's you've missed then go back and correct them.

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