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A few days ago someone told me I dress like a fashion editor, funny, well I hope I look as hot as socialite and fashion editor Miroslava Mikheeva Duma.

Mira is such an inspiration considering I working toward a career as a fashion editor. 

The 25 year old fashionista started as a social events editor for Harper's Bazaar and later went on to contribute to Russian Glamour, Ok magazines, and a few others.

I love her girlie flirty style. You can tell she really has fun dressing up.

Being a petite woman myself I understand how hard it is to make different styles work for you. 

She is a very well dressed woman and one of my fashion inspirations! Sorry I went crazy posting pics lol it was too hard to narrow them down!

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  1. I looove her style! Fly yet effortless. She reminds me a little of an Olsen Twing except they should take notes from her!



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