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The Simmon's sisters graced the e-pages of Honey Magazine. My favorite sister duo talked about their relationships, dream gigs, and a bit of fashion.

Angela has a daring sense of style. She loves to play with different textures and patterns and mix it up. Vanessa, on the other hand seems to stick with what she knows best, simple chic with an eye catching detail or accessories. I must give kudos to Honey's fashion director Charles Wade for styling the spread. Check out some of the interview below...

How long have you guys [Mike Wayans] been together?

V: We’ve known each other for like four years. I met him in NY, two weeks before I moved to LA. It started out as just friends because I was actually on a date. (Laughs) And then I was just like, Hey, he gets me. We’re both kids of… we understand each other. The weird points when I just want to be by myself, he understands and he wants to be by himself because we both know what it’s like being in families in the public eye. I see other people that put their relationships out there and sometimes it doesn’t work out. And I’m not saying the industry has anything to do with it,

Sneakers or stilettos?

V: Flats. Nice flat boots.

A: At this very moment, I would put on stilettos. That’s why Pastry is making heels.

V: But heels that can also be comfortable.

A: And I love sneakers. I’ve always been a sneaker head. But that’s what drives us to be able to do a line. We’re into that world. We’re into all of it. People often say, “I don’t understand why you don’t have your stuff on all the time.” Because I’m such a fashion-person that I could never limit myself to one lane. What I like to do is go shop and get inspiration to build up new stuff.

What would be your dream gig?

V: I want to do a biopic. There are some really great projects that I’m working on behind the scenes right now. Hopefully, we’ll see those come together.

A: I’m a fan of Tyler Perry movies.

V: I just got to meet him the other day.

A: Anything comedy I would be down for. I’m open to all acting, but I like to be funny.

V: Even a movie with my sister. I could see us doing a movie called Sisters or something.

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