My life a ball of randomness lol





People love to look through the pictures in my phone. There are well over 1000 pictures that I collect for inspiration or simply take and never post them to the net. Above are some randoms I thought were interesting.

Of course I had to include a pic of Beyonce's 4 album. Whew I swear that woman wrote that album from MY soul!!!! So much raw emotion! I couldn't help but to listen when the album was leaked 3 weeks prior to it's release date, but I played it non stop (and still do) and actually picked up a copy.
While my favorite song hands down is "I Was Here", I play this album straight through!


  1. Love the earrings in the 3rd pic..FLY!

  2. Love ur blog! What red lipcolor are u wearing in the 5th pic? It's sooo vibrant



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