Internal Skincare

Like many people, I have a couple of dark marks here and there that refuses to fade and the dreadful dark muzzle -__-
I try not to worry myself too much about my skin because I never wanted to wear makeup so much that I forget what I actually look like. 
For the past two months I've been trying to even my skin tone and improve its elasticity. The elasticity is important because I'm not the youngest gal at the ball so preventing premature wrinkles is a necessity. 
I love a natural glow to the skin but this past winter was dreadful. My skin was very dry and flaky and no matter what moisturizer I applied, it would just sit on the surface never penetrating. 
The first thing  I decided to do is evaluate what my body was lacking. After a quick visit to my doctor I found out that not only I have an iron deficiency (already knew) but my potassium levels were low, and I was dehydrated. Along with my daily multivitamin, I began taking an iron supplement. I also added fish oil to my daily vitamin cocktail, which consist of biotin, folic acid, and a multi vitamin. 
It didn't take long to see the effects of adding the supplements and increasing my water intake. My skin was much brighter. 
Around the same time my man friend decided to step our weight gainer shakes up a bit by adding soy protein, kale, bananas, carrots, flax seeds, strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries. My goodness This heavenly concoction changed the skincare game for me! Not only was my face glowing but my entire body felt and looked different. I had energy, my nails were stronger and grew much faster. I've always loved flax seed oil but we happen to have a whole bag of flax seeds after an attempt to make flax seed hair gel. Unfortunately what I didn't know was I needed to ground the seeds prior to blending to make them as fine as possible for absorption. However I've switched back to flax seed oil since.
So now my body was getting iron from the kale and potassium from the bananas as well as beta carotene from the carrots, and more than enough omega-3 fatty acids from the fish oil and flax oil (fiber).
The true test was yet to come, the dreadful PMS breakout. Every month I get a huge zit on the side of my cheek and no matter what I try to do it won't go away. Thankfully I haven't seen her on my cheek for the last two months! Yes yes yes! 
I'm continuously trying new shake recipes incorporating green leafy vegetables and fruits. I really love my skincare regimen. I may not have the best eating habits but I'm a firm believer that if you want clear skin you have to correct internal issues and well as topical.

**Remember to contact your Doctor before adding supplements to your diet. What works for me may not work for you. Allow 6-8 weeks to see results of any skincare regimen.

Feel free to share your favorite skin care recipes, tips, and products below :)

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