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Finally, here are some pics of Forever 21 Times Square. I was in NY last week for an interview and decided to stop by. This store is 90,000 square feet, four levels, 151 fitting rooms, and attracts approxamently 100,000 per day! Let me apologize in advance for the pics, there were sooo many more I wanted to take but  I was told that picture taking wasn't allowed. In the above pic security is rushing toward me to tell me to put my camera away lol. 
The visuals were AMAZING, that was the best part of the store. There is huge interactive billboard outside, I did manage to find a video of it (posted below). There is also a denim room and the mannequin's hair is made out of shredded denim! I found a pic online

Times Square Billboard by Space150 from Cliff Kuang on Vimeo.

 So my overall thoughts, this store is over kill, I cant shop with hundreds maybe even thousands of people running wild just becaus. It was insanity and I probably wont be going back. While I didnt plan on shopping, I couldnt even function in that store. I didnt see anything that stood out other then costume jewlery (my local 21 never have any good pieces). Like I said before I LOVED LOVED LOVED the visuals but I can pass on everything else. Defiantly go check it out just to get a peek for yourself lol

Video courtesy of http://shelholtz.com/forever-21s-times-square-augmented-reality-bi
Picture from google

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